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  • Facebook Challenges

    We’ve all seen social media challenges. The idea is to record yourself doing something which will draw attention somehow. I first one of these I can remember is the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS and the Movember for prostate cancer. Some of these challenges are for good causes. I was recently nominated to participate in…

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  • Tips from Trumpeter Allen Vizzutti – YEB

    Still learning from Mr. Vizzutti. This is a great blog post practical tip for any artist. Making connections is key for musical success, according to trumpet master, Allen Vizzutti. Source: Tips from Trumpeter Allen Vizzutti – YEB

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  • My Experience With Classical Music This December

    As a trumpeter within the symphonic musical sphere, I don’t always get to look into the audience and notice the demographics of the patrons. A few years ago I started to take stock of the audiences I get the opportunity to perform in front of in December. I wrote about this in a post called…

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  • How Trumpeter Sean Jones Gets Respect – YEB

    Thank you to the Yamaha Educators Suite for this article. This is a great article for anyone who is interested in Sean Jones and or how leading by example is an effective way to teach young musicians. Source: How Trumpeter Sean Jones Gets Respect – YEB

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  • NBA Playoffs and Trumpet

    Once again, I find myself multitasking during the NBA playoffs and somehow settle on a practice routine while watching games. This year it’s been four books, the Max Schlossberg Daily Drills and Clarke Technical Studies, Charles Colin Advanced Lip Flexibilities and finally any variation of flow studies. The first quarter involves mouthpiece buzzing of Schlossberg…

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  • Trumpet and Basketball

    Sometimes multitasking can go to far. For me lately, my practice habits have been lead by the NBA playoffs. I settle in to watch a game but feeling guilty about not practicing my trumpet. So I decided to create a practice routine around the game. I tend to think of this kind of practice as maintenance. More…

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  • The Westerlies Tiny Desk Concert

    I love having time to just listen to something new to me. I also love checking out familiar groups with new projects. One of the groups I like to follow is The Westerlies. I came across their NPR Tiny Desk Concerts performance from 2016. And I loved it! It’s a refreshing and inventive program, with…

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  • Talking

    This time of year has traditionally been a time of reflection on the year which had just passed. Sometimes I even look through some old journals just to see what I was on my mind previous years. Recently I had opportunity to participate, prepared and give a TEDx talk. The process of putting it all together…

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  • Small Neighborhood Music School

    The Bloomingdale School Of Music is the place where I took private trumpet lessons, started loving chamber music and starting learning about music composition. It was one of the most important paths set before me. I had my first moments of personal success at this small neighborhood community music school. Perhaps this is the place…

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  • Composition out of imitation

    “What gives the artist real prestige is his imitators.” Igor Stravinsky I deal with insomnia often. When this happens I try to do something productive. I’m a teacher, so I try to use this time to think about teaching or projects for my students. But before I was a music teacher I was a freelance…

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