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  • Waiting Rooms Ramblings and Trumpet Routine

    Having a few opportunities to sit and think while waiting for my kids appointment to end, I have become accustom to letting my mind wonder about all sorts of thing. There is always something that needs to be done, like grading papers, lesson plans, practice mouthpiece buzzing, stick in a practice mute and pray it’s…

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  • Title Change for this Blog

    Sometimes I have ideas that I need help with. I’m hoping some of you can help with this by participating in this poll. I think the name of this blog could use an update, these are my ideas. This is my coffee cup. I just had a sip and thought about adding a picture of…

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  • Back To School

    While I recognize the changes that occur in my life around the month of September are major shifts, I can’t help the feeling of running head first into the truth….. that I am an adult. Maintaining stability in two art based professions while dealing with parental and husbandly duties, is a total shift from the…

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  • Thank You Buzzfeed

    I like coffee, and I like simple solutions to problems. Well, the good folks at BuzzFeed just made my day with this video. It made my day so much that I had to make a Venn Diagram to illustrate how good it made me feel. Hope you enjoy some of the solutions to common problems.

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