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  • My Green Thumb

    Now and again my kid does something that makes me glad to me a parent. At my kids school, students are learning about gardening, which means we are learning about gardening.   I may be at fault for planting the seed for gardening in my kids heart. (Pun totally intended) Last summer we had the…

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  • Shoe Lace Cinquain

    In honor of National Poetry Month, I will provide a poem I composed while on a field trip with my middle school students. Shoelaces Long and slimy Walking, stepping, tying Stuck under my soul Shoelaces Here are some of my favorite poets: Robert Frost, Stephen Dobyns and Langston Hughes   

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  • Fitness…Good Luck!

    Now that I am well into my late 30’s in age, I feel the need to become physically fit. Yes there was a need before I entering this stage, but a few days of greasy meals and one too many treats is proving more difficult to hide. That said, in the past I would just work…

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  • Podcasts

    There aren’t many ways to occupy your time while driving to and from work.  Especially with when you have a four year-old diva sitting in the back seat belting out the hits like she preparing for an audition to “the Voice”.  Before my kid, I had time to decompress after a long day, take long…

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  • Fascinating Things

    I was told today that I have a “child like fascination with everything related to space”. I took a moment to think about it and came to the conclusion that this person was right. Soon after I felt good about the nice way I was called a geek. It’s been a while since that’s happened…

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  • Book Review – from a trumpeter?

    When the Beat Was Born: DJ Kool Herc and the Origins of Hip Hop I love this book. The story of the birth of hip hop in a format I can share with my daughter…Outstanding work! Many thank and congratulations to Laban Carrick Hill and Theodore Taylor. For more information about Laban Carrick Hill, check…

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  • Schlossberg Routine

    This is a routine Chris Gekker put together using exercises from Max Schlossberg’s  Daily Drills and Technical Studies.  The routine is broken into three sections (A,B and C) to help give players a variety of options. Chris Gekker’s, “Schlossberg Routine” Pick a routine a day Routine “A” pg. 3, # 9 quarter note =40 pg. 4,…

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