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  • Planets from my house part 5

    It’s been fun following this celestial ballet the past month. Our dancers are getting closer. #Venus & Jupiter

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  • Plants from my house part 4

    I was afraid I missed my chance to see them because they slipped past the horizon. But Venus was so bright, I saw it through the trees.

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  • Plants from my house Part 3

    Today is the longest day of the year. But the summer solstice is not why I’m excited. I’ve been following these planets for about a month now.

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  • Planets from my house

    I have been fascinated with outer-space and astronomy since I was a little kid. So when I had a chance to teach students some astronomy at a summer camp, I totally geeked out. Truth is, I’m still geeking out, because I have a great view of two planets from my house. Venus on the right and Jupiter on the…

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  • Grillin’

    Recently my wife and daughter gave me permission to buy a grill. So I did my research and fell into the rabbit hole between two school of thought. Propane or Charcoal! I wasn’t sure, but when I considered the cost and flavor factors. I ended up going with charcoal. The thing that was most interesting…

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  • Big Flute In Performance

    I was watching video’s on the New York Times: In Performance page and was blow away by this piece. Love discovering new stuff. Some of the sounds between this duo and their use of spoken word and melody really caught my attention.

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  • Title Change for this Blog

    Sometimes I have ideas that I need help with. I’m hoping some of you can help with this by participating in this poll. I think the name of this blog could use an update, these are my ideas. This is my coffee cup. I just had a sip and thought about adding a picture of…

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  • My Week in Books: Picture Books? Again?

    Originally posted on The Best of It: I’ve gotten a little behind with all the events and such happening lately. My list of picture books got very long, and as a matter of fact, I surpassed my Goodreads goal of 200 books in 2014 just this week. I hope I haven’t inadvertently repeated myself anywhere…

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  • Mytwosentences 77

    Originally posted on Mytwosentences: She stretched outwardly above the mirror to get a better view of the prismatic vivid visage that was now ablaze upon her colorful autumnal torso. She admired the growth of her glorious gown which gleamed with snazzy seasonal sequins, and found herself captivated by the flaring foliage of her rhythmic reflection.…

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  • Old Things

    Recently I took my computer to a repair shop where I was told that there wasn’t much that could be done to salvage the machine. Normally this wouldn’t bug me, except I realized it was the computer hard-drive that had all the family photos and videos. I have most of this stuff backed up on…

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