Grateful: Four Circular Things

The Best of It

Four circular things made me feel grateful this week.

My double nickel birthday excitement has not ended, and this is the latest, and continuing, celebration of my “play every day” year.

2015-02-05 16.01.292015-02-05 16.36.06

Crazy, I know. Crazy fun. I have my first lesson this week. I’m finding it good therapy for my shoulder. But mostly, well, it’s music. Even the act of playing is circular. What a delight.

This morning’s pan was full of goodness from the farm box, fragrant colors which became a fluffy lovely egg pie.

2015-02-08 08.50.16

I’m always grateful for the act of creating and savoring good food.

I think this pair of circles confirms that I’m becoming one of those eccentric people.

2015-02-08 08.51.09

Another part of my “play every day” year, I’m having fun balancing on these during movies in the living room, or on desk breaks. So is my husband. Grateful for motion, circular or otherwise.

The fourth circular thing…

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I Was Feeling This Way Also

Recently I listened to an NPR classical music podcast call Conducting Business. The subject of that talk was related to my blog post Faces At Concerts.

Naomi-LewinDuring the podcast the host Naomi Lewin facilitated a group discussion about the diversity of both audiences and members of major symphony orchestras in the United States. I’m glad to hear that these kinds of conversations are happening in public forums and encourage many to listen to the podcast American Orchestras Grapples With Lack of Diversity.

Best Seat In The Housemates

Generally if you are on a stage performing, you are a fan of what you are performing. Either you like the act of sharing something with folk on a stage or you feel strongly about that specific artistic expression. I’m convinced every performer feels one of those mentioned before and I’m certain that I take these moments for granted.

Recently I performed a piece with an orchestra that is rarely performed. The performance was well received by the audience and performers. During rehearsals I noticed my seat was just about in the center of the stage directly in front of the conductor. This isn’t unusual, however with music coming at me from all directions I got to experience the music (and all the wonderful sounds) from an interesting perspective.

I think I had the best seat in the house.


Social Media

I like Cristian’s point of view on social media.

Cristian Mihai

A lot of people approach social media with the vague hope of it being a sort of wonder solution to marketing and promoting. They’ve been told that social media sells stuff. But I think that they don’t understand how social media actually works.

Social media, social networks, in a way the Internet, can be defined as a continuous flow of INFORMATION. Also, social media enables easy access to ENTERTAINMENT. And lastly, social media is a way for people to interact with each other.

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