Single Serving Encounter

Few are the times when something happens to me and I get to think about a drama/action movie and a singer/songwriter I like, admire and respect. The venn diagram for this situation might look like this.


In the movie Fight Club,there is a scene where the idea of a “single serving friend” is mentioned. The first time I remember thinking of this concept, was while listening to a song by Peter Eldridge called An Interesting Person from his album Fool No More.

The notion of a single serving friend is quite simple. In my case it generally happens when I meet someone while waiting in line for something and a short conversation starts. A few nice words, even a joke or two…a nod with a smile and a good-bye. The single serving friend experience is now over and you get on with your day.

I had one of these encounters recently… and it kind of made my day. Thank you single serving friend.

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