Rhythm and Art

Recently I was at the Seattle Art Museum with my students. I forgot how walking from room to room experiencing installations of art had it’s own rhythm. Standing in one part of a room only allowed you to see part of the space. If you’re curious and you turn your head, you may see something that may alter your perception. I was as fascinated by the rhythm of the room as I was of the art displayed.

 While sitting alone in a room with pieces of art that were enormous, I took a moment to feel the rhythm of that room. My eyes dances from panting to sculpture and back again. It got so that even then empty spaces were an important part of the experience. I listened carefully to the rhythms the curators at the SAM were laying down.

Below are two of the pieces that I thought were super cool. machu picchu after dark (pa’ victoria santa cruz, macario sakay y aaron.dixon), 2003–2014, William Cordova and The Yellow X, 1965, Al Held, American, 1928-2005, acrylic on canvas, 144 1/2 × 178 in.

20140206_163721628_nwp_2013-09-27_william_cordova_003cc  al_held

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