Faces At Concerts

I don’t often get to look into the audiences when I perform. When I play with an orchestra, I’m lucky if I get to see the faces of the orchestra and choir members I get to perform with. There are no surprises to me about the different kinds of people involved in making music, although I still find myself looking for people that look like me in the ensembles and in the audience.
When I see a person of color at a concert of classical music, I notice them. I wonder if they notice me too. Perhaps they came to this place for the same reason I did…I love this music and music is my truth.


3 responses to “Faces At Concerts”

  1. This, Ed. We need these perspectives about the smallest, and the most important of things. These are the fabric of all of us, as we sit in audiences and orchestra pits and share what is sublime.

  2. Reblogged this on The Best of It and commented:
    My friend Ed is a pretty cool guy – teacher, musician, Dad. I appreciate his thoughts on the world around him, so thought I’d share his, since the Best of It is about “Thoughts on the World Around Me.” You should follow this thoughtful man’s blog. Just saying.

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