I grew up in a city where there are a lot of people. Which means you get to watch and observe folks as they go through their daily rituals. I am also a musician who on occasions gets to watch people as they sit at church. I try not to let my mind wonder during a church service, although it is inevitable, my mind will search for entertainment after the 3rd or 4th listening of the same homily.

One of the games I play is “What’s that person about”. It consists of giving a person a story based on nothing. I would look at someone and think…well that person is going to go home and wash his vegetables, then try on his new driving gloves. They tend to get more and more ridiculous as the game progresses. I’ve created resumes for people with jobs titles like Aglet Sales Person and Professional Mouse Milker.

Today I flipped it, and imagined what someone might think of me sitting there with a trumpet on my lap. “That guys eats too many plums, he’s obsessed with the valve caps on his trumpet and probably has nothing to offer the world except more pollution.” I laughed to myself then thought…I’m not going to be bothered by someone who doesn’t like plums.


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