Podcasts and Eddie Huang

There are times when I feel I’m getting too much of something. Lately, it’s been, a lot of  Eddie Huang. Everywhere I turn I see or hear him. He’s everywhere and I kinda like it.

Recently I listened to an NPR podcast called What’s Good with Stretch and Bobbito. The topics have been broader than I expected, and it’s been refreshing to listen to these guys banter with each other and conduct interviews with their guests. But, for my first listen to What’s Good was with Eddie Huang. He talked about his book “Fresh Off The Boat”, which led to the creation of a TV show of the same title. They discussed his show on Vineland, Huang’s World.

One of the ideas that Eddie Huang communicates, which really resonates with me, is the idea that you can look at a plate of food and learn about the culture of a region. I think about that when ever I cook food I think my mother and grandmother would appreciate. His shows also remind me of another truth about myself, I am first born-first generation American and that come with some built in straddling of cultures.

New Food

Sometimes when you’re looking for something to eat, you just need to take a chance and try something new. Recently my wife and I found ourselves with an opportunity to enjoy each others company for a meal without our kid. Unlike most nights out for a meal in which we deliberate where we should go, we made a snap decision and chose to try a new place. We had driven by this place about a 100 times but only recently noticed the sign.

Photo was obtained from the SuRa Yelp page.

Since I’m not a food critic and don’t want to bother with the play by play with of our meal, I’ll just say that sometimes it’s good to notice something new.  At least new to me and it was good.

Photo was obtained from the SuRa Yelp page.
Photo was obtained from the SuRa Yelp page.

Local Eats and Spirits

It’s becoming a habit for me to think about where my food is coming from. Lately I’ve been trying to eat and drink locally based food and drinks.
Some of my favorite restaurant really on local farmers to provide fresh produce. Unfortunately, I can really taste the difference…and I like it. Best of luck to all the locavores in the area and to the folks that feed us.