Stolen Moments

This album is a must have and this post from Good Music Speaks is awesome. Everyone should read then listen.

Good Music Speaks

candlelight-valentines-dinnerSoft candlelight.  The aroma of a good red wine wafting up from the wine glasses on the table.  The anticipation of romance, and of finally being in the place you want to be, with the person you want to be with.  The slight burn of alcohol on your throat as you sip the wine and the tensions of the work week are melting away.  Good food, good company, good conversation, all the while with a hint of passion simmering beneath the surface.  Warm smiles, giggles, and the scent of perfume or cologne from your dinner companion.   The promise of love requited.  The melancholy ache that comes from the knowledge that this time is short, the episode brief, and these perfect moments are stolen.

Oliver Nelson Oliver Nelson

This is the mood and flavor of one of my favorite tunes ever recorded, “Stolen Moments” by Oliver Nelson.    It is from his 1961 album…

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