Mind Losing The Body

After listening to a podcast by Radiolab, I came to the conclusion that a confused mind might become the scariest moment of my life. I am not a pilot, nor do I have hopes of becoming one, so that part of this podcast was not of real interest to me. What tickled my curiosity was a phrase spoken by Jad Abumrad;  “The brain is just confused at having lost the body.”

Turn out, the out of body experience or the confused brain losing the body described in the episode happens to pilots often. After the deaths of several fighter pilots in training, researchers started asking why. They tested pilots in a centrifuge, having them experience G forces much higher than any human should. As a result the fighter pilots go into what they call G-LOC.


Their descriptions vary in the ways that people experience their out of body moment, however the phrase that stayed with me was {“The brain is just confused at having lost the body.”} long after I listened to the podcast. I wonder where my confused brain will take me as it seeks for my lost body. What activity will comfort my mind during this moment of disorientation. May be cooking, or listening to rain…

If you want to listen to this portion of this episode follow the link below.


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