Ed Castro

In the seventh grade, I was all about playing the drums.  I would carry my sticks with me everywhere I went, tapping out beats on my notebook and/or playing along with one of my favorite songs on my Walkman.  On the day of our first band class of the year, my buddy came to me upset, specifically because he had left his drumsticks at home.  He too, was “all about the drums”.  In fact, most ALL of my friends were all about the drums as well.  Yet, as we walked into our music class, I handed over my sticks to my buddy.  I then walked over to the shelf in the room and picked up a trumpet.  It was as simple as that.  I now played the trumpet.  Seeing and reading the Harry Potter movies/books over the last decade, where Harry chooses, yet at the same time is chosen by, the hat to the House of Griffindor, sometimes has made me wonder if we choose the instrument, or if the instrument chooses us…

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