I was recently engaged in a conversation about safe places while growing up. For me there were three places, home, the classroom and the band room. dreamstimefree_236880

Depending on the individual, home and the classroom could be swing towards or away from safety. As for me I considered home and the classroom safe places.

However, the band/orchestra rehearsal space were sacred. I still remember feeling uncomfortable walking down the hallway in junior high school, until I walked into the band room. As soon as I walked in, there was a sense of security or I felt at home in a space I shared with a tribe of musicians. We may not have all been in that space for the same reasons, but we had the activity in common. So it made us a team with a goal to achieve.

A thumbs up on white background
A thumbs up on white background

A friend is currently taking care of the junior high school band room I remember so well. I’m sure he’s helping some kids feel the way I did back then in that specific space.