Big Flute In Performance

I was watching video’s on the New York Times: In Performance page and was blow away by this piece. Love discovering new stuff. Some of the sounds between this duo and their use of spoken word and melody really caught my attention.


Love this post, reminded me of why I love Charlie Parker. Lots of good stuff from Good Music Speaks.

Good Music Speaks


Charlie Parker


ParkerI still remember the first time I heard a recording by Charlie Parker.  I was 15 years old and the band director at the school was going to teach us to play “Billie’s Bounce”, or at least the melody of the tune.  I don’t know what I thought Jazz was before I heard that record, but my brain soon learned, once I listened to the alto saxophone of Charlie Parker.  My ears could barely listen fast enough to hear what was happening, I simply could not imagine someone who could play like that, let alone improvise as he went along.  Simply put, it was a musical epiphany.

Charlie Parker, “Billie’s Bounce”

That day set me on a listening quest that led me from Bird to Diz, Miles, Monk, Clifford Brown, Coltrane, and on and on.  I bathed in bebop, tuned my radio to the jazz music…

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